Terms and Conditions – AEON Voucher Campaign


KingKoil Bedding is pleased to announce the nationwide sales campaign named Triple “Funtastic” Buy-Scan-Redeem Up To RM 1000 Aeon Gift Voucher. The Campaign is to reward the customer for being royalty and supportive on King Koil Sleep Products throughout the years.

Here are the terms and conditions of the Campaign for your kind reference.


The Campaign will commence from 1st May 2021 to 30th June 2021. The order received
thereafter shall not be entertained.


The Triple “Funtastic” Buy-Scan-Redeem Up To RM 1000 Aeon Gift Voucher is organized by KINGKOIL BEDDING (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD and open to the consumer residing in Malaysia aged 18 and above, except for all employees of KingKoil, their affiliates and/or their related companies, advertising agencies, suppliers and members of their immediate families through cash sales.

This Campaign is available at King Koil Authorised Dealers, King Koil Flagship Stores, King Koil Concept Stores and King Koil Official Website E-store in Peninsular Malaysia only, exclude East Malaysia.

This Campaign is not applicable at the departmental store; such as Aeon, Courts, Home Products, SSF, Bahagia, Ginova (Lorenzo) and the online store accounts; Lazada, Shopee, Astro Go Shop & etc.


This Campaign is applicable to the following mattress collections, INCLUDE

  1. World Luxury Collection
  2. Luxury Hotel Collection
  3. Zenergy Collection
  4. Extended Life Collection
  5. Simplicity Collection
  6. Natural Response Collection
  7. Prince Collection
  8. Roadshow and Flagship store models


  1. Prince Fairy Tale
  2. Classic Series
  3. First Knight
  4. SuperPedic X & SuperPedic C
  5. Department stores – Aeon/Courts/HomePro/SSF/Bahagia/Ginova
  6. Online store – Astro Go Shop/Lazada/Shopee
  7. Online and house brand models


  1. The list of mattresses included in the Campaign is as per Appendix A for reference. The King Koil model which is not listed in Appendix A will not be eligible for King Koil Triple “Funtastic” Buy-Scan-Redeem Up To RM 1000 campaign.
  2. The customer to purchase their desired King Koil mattress through King Koil Authorized Dealers during the campaign period from 1st May 2021 to 30th June 2021. However, any order received thereafter shall not be entertained unless further announcement from KingKoil Bedding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
  3. Upon completion of the delivery, the customer is required to do online products warranty registration of their new King Koil mattress with just 3 EASY STEPS to redeem their Aeon Gift Voucher.
    Step 1 – Scan / Log-in www.kingkoil.my
    Step 2 – Fill in the details & upload the proof of purchase (Contact – Products Registration)
    Step 3 – Done (KingKoil Bedding will notify customer via email or WhatsApp)The proof of purchase, customer is required to upload the copy of the Delivery Order or Invoice and Warranty Card when they register the e-product warranty.
  4. In the event of the customer is making full payment but pending on delivery of goods, the Aeon Gift Voucher will only redeemable after the mattress is delivered.
  5. KingKoil Bedding will compile and verify the e-warranty records received. After the verification, KingKoil Bedding will notify the customer before courier the Aeon Gift Voucher. This process will require 21 working days.
  6. The purchase information between the dealer and the customer is protected under KingKoil Bedding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd personal data and privacy policy. We will not disclose the information of the Sales Order/ Invoice of dealer or customer to a third party without their consent.
  7. About Aeon Gift Voucher, please refer to APPENDIX B.
  8. KingKoil Bedding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to withhold or disqualified the redemption of Aeon Gift Voucher if the customer failed to complete the online registration with supporting documents required.
  9. We appreciate your feedback; tag us and to share your wonderful experience with the new King Koil mattress on Facebook and Instagram of KingKoil Bedding and the authorized dealer.
  10. Free gift; during the campaign period from 1st May 2021 to 30th June 2021, the customer Will receive 2pcs of King Koil Super Soft Pillow (non-woven bag) with purchase of King Koil mattress as per listed in Appendix A.
  11. KingKoil Bedding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd reserves the sole and absolute rights to revise the terms and conditions without prior any notice.


The Aeon Gift Voucher allows the holder/bearer to redeem goods at any of the AEON CO. (M) BHD. outlets. The Voucher comes with RM 5, RM 10 & RM20 denomination and is redeemable at the Aeon Store as per locations below.

The validity of the Voucher is minimum one(1) year from the date of issuance.

The Voucher cannot be used to purchase any AEON Gift Vouchers, telephone cards, stamps, cigarettes, Easy Payment items and AEON MEMBER Sign Up/Renewal Fee. This Aeon Gift Voucher also cannot be used for purchases made at Arena Restaurant, Molly Fantasy, AEON Wellness, AEON Big and DAISO by Aeon.

The Terms and Conditions

  1. The value of this voucher stated herein is in Malaysia Ringgit.
  2. The voucher allows the holder/bearer to redeem goods at any of the AEON CO. (M) BHD. outlet. However, it cannot be exchanged for cash or any other forms of legal tender.
  3. During the redemption of goods, if the value of the goods exceeds the amount stated in the voucher, the difference thereof should be paid by the bearer.
  4. However, if the value of the goods is less than the amount stated in the voucher, then the difference thereof shall not be refunded to the bearer.
  5. AEON CO. (M) BHD. shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage of this voucher and any of the losses or damages suffered by the bearer of this voucher that arise from or in connection with the loss or damage of the voucher.
  6. Damaged vouchers will be considered as invalid vouchers and will not be replaced.
  7. The purchase of this voucher does not permit the purchaser to claim any of the AEON Card rebates or points.
  8. Vouchers are not refundable and cannot be exchanged with vouchers of other denominations
  9. Voucher is valid up to the stipulated expiry date and no extension of date shall be given.
  10. AEON CO. (M) BHD reserves the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.