The Ultimate Luxury

The mattress that differentiates your luxury sleeping comfort from the rest.
Designed to achieve the perfect balance between opulence and unparalleled comfort.
Dedicated every detail in our mattress to bring out the highest level of comfort and to achieve an authentic exquisite presence.

This is the most advanced and sophisticated off-set coil that is made with a 2.2mm diameter hard drawn, high carbon steel wire. Each spring unit is unknotted at the top and bottom ending, that flexes independently for maximum sensitivity to body contours.

A natural, eco friendly and biodegradable material processed with rubberized solution that enhance the sleeping comfort and durability of the natural fiber .

The Sanitized® hygiene function protects mattresses from the formation of fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection.

Turn Free mattress feature one sleeping surface, which has a anti-skip underlay on the opposite bottom side that is meant to minimize mattress movement when in use, you will not need to flip it – only rotate it.

King Koil selected mattress/divan carries a 15-Year Pro-Rated Warranty against manufacturing defects. Any manufacturing defects arising within two years of purchase will be repaired at no cost.

Product Model